Benjamin Creasey | Director of Integrated Production

In today’s rapidly changing world, the pressure for sustainable practices has never been more visible. As the current inhabitants of this planet, it’s upon us to take meaningful action to preserve and protect our environment for generations to come. For me, sustainability isn’t just a business strategy—it’s a deeply-held value that informs every decision I make. Personally this stems from my Australian background where having a connection to the land, waters, and living things has begun to be heavily educated and influenced by listening and learning from Indigenous Australians on why such change is so important. Their values, identity, spirituality, and lifestyles have all been strongly influenced by the environment in which they live, and in turn in my last few years in my career I to understand the importance of that connection.

My journey towards embracing sustainability began with a simple realisation: Every change counts. From the products we create, to the processes we follow in menial tasks like waste management, even through to the banning of single use plastics or cups in the office – every aspect of our operation has the potential to impact the world around us. Armed with this awareness and knowledge sharing within the GPJ family, I embarked on a mission to integrate sustainability into our day to day workings while working in abroad.

We continuously seek out the new way of doing traditional experiential items, like digital vs printed signage, move to banning single use items at our event and varying approaches that enable us to operate more sustainably. Whether it’s harnessing renewable energy sources, adopting eco-friendly materials, or implementing programs such as TRACE, innovation serves as our compass, guiding us towards a greener future.

By empowering our employees, partners, and stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to embrace sustainability, we start a conversation with the hopeful effect of positive change that extends far beyond our own walls. Together, we share a commitment and appetite for change, aspiring to become leaders in our industry not only in terms of showcasing work but also in sustainability practices. It’s through this partnership that we truly amplify our impact and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Of course, the path to sustainability is not without its challenges. We encounter obstacles and setbacks along the way, but each one serves as a reminder of the urgency of our mission. We remain undeterred, fueled by a shared vision of a world where sustainability is not just an aspiration but a reality.

My personal north star vision is our GPJ family in Germany who have just been awarded the ISO 20121 certification and I look forward to working with the team GPJ Korea as we strive towards it.

Together, we can create a future where business and sustainability are not at odds, but inextricably intertwined.